Saturday, September 25, 2010


The details for the tasting are almost set. I just have to finalize the date with my aunt, who's house it will be at. So another clearly important aspect to getting a confections business started is the confections. So I've been busy testing many recipes. I'm very happy to report that after many attempts I finally have found the perfect pie/tart crust. I'm anxious to try it again on more tarts but it came out amazing in the pie and tarts I've tried it on already on my peach pie, and an amazing plum tart.

My fallen cake.
Recipe testing is both fun and frustrating, because when you get that perfect dish you are ecstatic but when you make simple mistakes that causes your entire cake to fall, you kind of lose it. All in all I've been having some good results. My Blueberry buckle named after my godson came out good but it still needs a little tweaking here and there.

I also got my pocket pie mold from William-Sonoma which I eventually got the hang of and it created some delicious peach pies.... which I may or may not have eaten all by myself. I'm still working on a name for them, but they're sure to be a big hit.
Here the peaches are blanching
This is the mold, you just press it down into the dough.

Then you're left with this nice little cut out, and you put it back in the mold and fill it.

This is what they look like pre-baking. I clearly struggled with getting the little lattice cut outs, out of the mold.

The finished product, not the prettiest thing, but it will be.

  This apple tart was another big success. I wasn't crazy about the crust and I wanna change the way I did the apples but overall I'm very happy with it. It's essential flavor was really good. It's an apple cider apple tart, that I believe is going to be named after my niece. It may stay a tart, maybe even a tartlet but I'm also considering making it a dumpling. This is why recipe testing is so important because come tasting time. I want this to be perfect.

I'm also working on a chocolate chip cookie with both white and dark chocolate. This one's name is also still under construction. The cookie was delicious don't get me wrong, but it just needs a little something extra. This one is definitely going back to the drawing board. 

  I also made a mini orange cake with an orange glaze. This one is going to be named after my little cousin Isaiah, he loves oranges like nobody's business. It came out really well, I really liked the flavor I just want it to be a bit more moist and then it'll be perfect.

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  1. Elise-
    I make cookies with white chocolate and milk chocolate chips all time...I happen to use the tollhouse cookie recipe everyone loves them!

    Can't wait for the tasting :-) You are my inspiration!