Monday, September 27, 2010

Conception and Naming.

I have more recipe testing pics and stories to come, but I realized that I haven't truly explained why my business is unique.

One of the ways that I really fell into cooking and baking in particular is that it is really a stress reliever for me. I'm just coming off of finishing  a MA program and found myself burned out. I was exhausted and really just needed something to take my mind off things. So after watching tons of cooking shows I began to try these recipes, and what I found is that the actual step by step process of baking is extremely relaxing for me. I am also a complete sweet freak, I love all types of sweet dishes I simply can't get enough. As I began to bake I realized that there was another level to this stress relief, I love to see people enjoying my food, especially my family. My friends and family are a big part of my life, so finding things that they'd enjoy and I'd enjoy baking was wonderful.

So in going forward with my own confections business, I decided I still wanted them to be apart of this process. So one way I can do that is that all of my dishes are named after people in my life and people I wish were like Aarti from the next food network star( I named a granola bar after her). I have a brownie named after one of my best friends who we call Deuce, so we have a Deuce de leche brownie, Kali's A tart and so on. So I hope in this one little way you'll really get a little piece of me with ever dish.

Oh and I have the tasting date all set so more info on that to come!

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